Why does Gerard Butler talk out of the side of his mouth?

by Matteo Bianconi|09 Jan 2021|People|Ethnic Specific|2.1k views
The side mouth, this crooked smile sometimes demonstrates anger, sometimes charm. It allows Butler to attempt an American accent, if he keeps his mouth neutral Scottish slips out instead.

Then, is Gerard Butler Scottish or Irish?

Gerard James Butler was born in Paisley, Scotland, to Margaret and Edward Butler, a bookmaker. His family is of Irish origin. Gerard spent some of his very early childhood in Montreal, Quebec, but was mostly raised, along with his older brother and sister, in his hometown of Paisley.

Likewise, how old was Gerard Butler in Phantom of the Opera?


How much is Gerard Butler worth?

Gerard Butler Net Worth: Gerard Butler is a Scottish actor who has a net worth of $30 million dollars.

Who is Gerard Butler dating now?

Gerard Butler wraps up against the cold as he enjoys a lunch date with girlfriend Morgan Brown.

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