Who is the father of Fathima Sotto?

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Description: Fathima Sotto is the daughter of Dina Bonnevie.

Subsequently, one may also ask, who is Dina Bonnevie husband?

Deogracias Victor Savellano
m. 2012
Ricardo Penson
m. 1996–1999
Vic Sotto
m. 1980–1992

Also Know, is Dina Bonnevie an Ilocano?

At the beginning of her marriage to Ilocos Sur Rep. Deogracias Savellano, actress Dina Bonnevie wanted to be as lowkey as possible. And so, Dina, who tied the knot with Savellano in 2012, learned how to speak Ilocano and vowed to help people in her own little way.

Who is the oldest child of Vic Sotto?

Vico Sotto
Oyo Boy Sotto
Danica Sotto
Paulina Sotto

Is Vico sotto son of Vic Sotto?

Early life and education. Sotto was born on June 17, 1989 to actor-comedian-host Vic Sotto and actress Coney Reyes. As the son of two celebrities strongly associated with the noontime variety show Eat Bulaga!, the public expected that Sotto would make regular appearances on the show.

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