Who discovered Ropar?

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The town is said to have been founded by a Raja called Rokeshar who ruled in the 11th century and named Rupnagar after his son Rup Sen . The recent excavations carried out at Rupnagar have proved that this town was the seat of well developed Indus Valley Civilization .

Simply so, what is Ropar famous for?

The town is a shadily populated spot famous for being as one of the major excavation sites of the Indus Valley Civilization. Ropar is the first Indus valley excavation site in independent India. The excavations from Ropar have yielded a detailed insight on the Indus valley civilization and the Harappa Culture.

Where was Ropar located?

Punjab state

How far is Ropar from Chandigarh?

22.1 miles

How many villages are there in Ropar?

617 villages

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