Who are Valencia's rivals?

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Valencia derby. The Valencian derby (Spanish: Derbi valenciano) or most commonly known as "Derby del Turia", is the name given to any association football match contested between Levante UD and Valencia CF, the two main clubs in the city of Valencia, Spain.

Hereof, how do I get Levante tickets?

Levante Tickets
Tickets for Levante matches can be bought online, or at the ticket windows of the stadium. Tickets can also be bought on the gate on the day of the match. Levante rarely sell out.

Secondly, who is Barcelona's biggest rival?

Real Madrid

Why Valencia has a bat?

It sits atop Valencia's coat of arms and its use is thought to have dated back to 1238, when King James of Aragon was fighting to take it back from the Moors. Legend has it a bat landed on top of his flag and he proceeded to win Valencia back, whereby the bat was added to the coat of arms as a sign of good luck.

Who Are Real Sociedad rivals?

Athletic Bilbao

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