Which country manufactures Kia cars?

by Nigel Hopkins|19 Nov 2020|Vehicle|Minivan|698 views

Also to know is, which Kias are made in the USA?

"I want to tell you a few things about Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, Inc. (KMMG). We are extremely proud to call KMMG the home for the Kia Sorento and Kia Optima in the United States.

Are Hyundai and Kia made by same company?

The short answer is no, Kia Motors and Hyundai Motor Group are not the same company — but they are related. During a tough time, Kia was forced into bankruptcy and Hyundai purchased a portion of the company so they could continue on. Today, Kia also has a stake in some of Hyundai Motor Group's subsidiaries.

What nationality is Kia?

South Korea's

Who is Kia owned by?

Hyundai Motor Group

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