When did Helen Taft die?

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May 22, 1943

Similarly one may ask, what did Helen Taft do while she was First Lady?

Nellie Taft was the first First Lady to ride in her husband's inauguration parade, which she did despite adverse weather. She started to receive guests three afternoons a week in the Red Room. At times, she attended the cabinet meetings with the President without speaking on the issues.

Furthermore, who was the fattest first lady?

Carol Ann Yager

Who was William Howard Taft wife?

Helen Herron Taft
m. 1886–1930

Why would Mrs Taft have made a better president over her husband?

Taft have made a better President over her husband? Taft would accompany President Taft to political conferences in order to keep him awake, even if he did fall asleep she would carry on his conversations while he dozed off. She was said to be a very intelligent woman.

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