What is Webtop in Documentum?

by Akira Mereah|26 Apr 2021|Engineering|Network Security|18 views
EMC Documentum Webtop is a browser-based interface that provides access to the EMC Documentum repository and content management services. Webtop delivers: Browser interface – Quickly deploy Webtop with an easy-to-use, folder-based interface and minimal training.

Correspondingly, what is Webtop f5?

A full webtop allows your users to connect and disconnect from a network access connection, portal access resources, SAML resources, app tunnels, remote desktops, and administrator-defined links. On the Main tab, click Access Policy > Webtops. Click Create to create a new webtop.

Additionally, how do I log into my TCS iON?

Go to “https://www.tcsion.com/”. Login with your iON credentials. Register your Social Media Login.

Why Documentum is used?

Its main function was to help the company in storing, maintaining, and organizing thousands of pages of information into a common repository. The Documentum software also helps in converting paper-based documents into application-ready files allowing a user to save a lot of time, cost and effort.

What is Documentum tool?

Documentum is Document Management software, which means that it provides a vault in which to store your documents. Instead of storing your files on your own hard disk, you store them inside the Documentum system. This allows people to access your files if they need to and allows you to access their files.

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