What is the only sport where defense has the ball?

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Hereof, is it self Defence or self defense?

Defence and defense are both correct ways to spell the same word. The difference between them, the fact that one's spelled with a “c” and the other with an “s”, comes down to the part of the world in which they are used. In the United States, people spell it with an “s”—defense.

What is a defensive play in baseball?

The team at bat has the advantage of knowing what strategy will be used on the next play, the defense must try to predict what that next move will be and counter with a defense play to attempt to stop it. This team defensive play may be a bunt defense, a pickoff play, or a pitch out to defense an attempted steal.

Which is the only sport in USA with no game clock?


What is the difference between offense and defense in sports?

Offense : the action of attacking someone or something. Defense : the action of defending from or resisting attack. Hence, when you're attacking or you're being attacked.

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