What is the hardest Nintendo game ever?

by Ishan Jayman|24 Jan 2021|Interest|Video and Computer Games|27 views
These rank up as some of the hardest games ever released on the NES.
  1. #1 - Silver Surfer. This is the queen mother of all hard games!
  2. #2 - Battletoads.
  3. #3 - Ghosts n Goblins.
  4. #4 - Mega Man.
  5. #5 - Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones.
  6. #6 - The Karate Kid.
  7. #7 - Yo!
  8. #8 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Subsequently, one may also ask, why were Nintendo games so hard?

Because you couldn't put a lot of stuff in a NES cartridge, so the games were designed in a way that an expert player could beat them in less than an hour, but to reach that skill level you had to play the game over and over and over again until you mastered the mechanics and memorized every single pattern.

Also Know, what is the hardest Contra game?

Contra: Hard Corps

Are Castlevania games hard?

Castlevania games are known for being difficult. The metroidvanias are significantly easier, due to working off an RPG system, but they've kept up with the quality of bosses. From my experience with beating other/classic CV games it's just all about practice and repetition.

What is the hardest Nintendo boss?

Eggman's attacks are complex and difficult to dodge, making him the toughest boss in the game.

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