What is the difference between plant cell and animal cell in table?

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The Plant Cells are usually larger, which has fixed and rectangular shape, while animal cells are comparatively smaller in size, irregular and round. cell wall, but plasma membrane is present. There is a huge vacuole present in Plant cells, but numerous and small vacuoles are present in Animal Cells.

Similarly, what are the 5 differences between plant and animal cells?

Plant cells can be larger than animal cells. Beyond size, the main structural differences between plant and animal cells lie in a few additional structures found in plant cells. These structures include chloroplasts, the cell wall, and vacuoles.

Likewise, what are 4 differences between plant and animal cells?

A plant cell contains a large, singular vacuole that is used for storage and maintaining the shape of the cell. In contrast, animal cells have many, smaller vacuoles. Plant cells have a cell wall, as well as a cell membrane.

What are 3 main differences between plant and animal cells?

Animal cells and plant cells share the common components of a nucleus, cytoplasm, mitochondria and a cell membrane. Plant cells have three extra components, a vacuole, chloroplast and a cell wall.

What do animal cells have that plant cells do not?

Animal cells each have a centrosome and lysosomes, whereas plant cells do not. Plant cells have a cell wall, chloroplasts and other specialized plastids, and a large central vacuole, whereas animal cells do not.

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