What is the best Black Crowes album?

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Black Crowes albums: a guide to the very best
  • Shake Your Money Maker (Def American , 1990)
  • The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion (Def American, 1992)
  • Amorica (American, 1994)
  • Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes Live At The Greek (TVT, 2000)
  • The Lost Crowes (American, 2006)
  • By Your Side (Columbia, 1998)
  • Warpaint (Silver Arrow, 2008)
  • Freak 'N' Roll…

In respect to this, why did the Black Crowes breakup?

On January 15, 2015, Rich Robinson announced the final breakup of the band due to a disagreement with his brother Chris Robinson over an alleged proposal regarding ownership of the band. In an interview, drummer Steve Gorman indicated that prior to the breakup, the Black Crowes had been discussing a tour.

Also to know, how did the Black Crowes get their name?

The Black Crowes. Their original name was Mr. Crowe's Garden, after a fairy tale. Crowe's Garden was originally a punk band before the guys changed their name and sound to find success as The Black Crowes. >>

Who are the original members of the Black Crowes?

Early members included Keith Joyner (bass), Jeff Sullivan (drums), and Ted Selke (bass). By 1989, the group had been renamed the Black Crowes and featured rhythm guitarist Jeff Cease, bassist Johnny Colt and drummer Steve Gorman.

How many albums have the Black Crowes sold?

30 million albums

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