What is RIM in QIB?

by Cyrus Gomez-alcala|25 Apr 2021|Finance|Credit and Debt and Loans|1.2k views
Transfer from one account to another under the same RIM* (original account number) Transfer to another customer's account in QIB. Transfer to other banks inside and outside Qatar.

Considering this, how do I activate Qib Aman?

OTP Via SMS “QIB Aman SMS”: If you have selected SMS OTP, and confirmed your mobile number (same number registered for SMS Banking) you will start receiving SMS that has the OTP to be used for the login or when you want to complete a financial transaction.

Also to know, how can I open a savings account in Qatar?

In order to open a bank account, you will need to submit certain documents including the following:
  1. An official employment letter from your employer in Qatar signed by both of you and stating your monthly wage.
  2. If you only want to open a savings account you do not need to submit a salary certificate.

What is RIM in banking?

The Bank shall assign a base identification number (called RIM) to each customer to proceed with all transactions with the Bank. The base account number is used to determine the Customer's various account types. The customer may carry out transactions with any of the Bank's branches.

How do I activate my QIB ATM card?

With the launch of the e-Pin, QIB is taking an eco-friendly environmental approach which reduces paper use and enables customers to activate and set their debit or credit cards' 4 digit pin code directly from their QIB Mobile Banking App or at any QIB ATM at their own convenience.

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