What is Hamtramck known for?

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Hamtramck (/hæmˈtræm?k/ ham-TRAM-ik) is a city in Wayne County in the U.S. state of Michigan. Known in the 20th century as a vibrant center of Polish-American life and culture, Hamtramck has attracted new immigrants in the 21st century, especially from Yemen and Bangladesh.

Similarly, what does Hamtramck mean?

Hamtramck was named after Jean François Hamtramck, a French-Canadian soldier who was commander of Fort Shelby in Detroit. In 1796, the city was settled by Colonel Hamtramck after he took possession of Detroit when British troops evacuated.

Also, is Hamtramck safe?

Hamtramck is walkable, and even though you do see some interesting folks out and about, I find it safe. A lot safer than West Village was at least. It's a working class community and I think most everyone takes pride in it.

How do you pronounce Hamtramck?

Hamtramck looks like it would be said like Ham-Tramk but its actually Ham-Tram-Ick.

What is the safest city in Michigan?

Safest Cities in Michigan, 2019
Rank City Safety Index
1 Grosse Ile Township 0.88
2 Beverly Hills 0.78
3 Grosse Pointe Park 0.78
4 Berkley 0.7

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