What is b3 engine?

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1.3 L (1,324 cc) B3 – (71.0×83.6 mm). It was available in SOHC variants and was found in the Kia-built 1988–1993 Ford Festiva, the 1987–1989 Mazda Familia and its derivatives, as well as the Mazda 121 (also known as Autozam Revue) (54 hp and 72 hp version), and the 1987–1989 Ford Laser, and 1994–1997 Ford Aspire.

In this manner, what is a b6 engine?

The Estes B6-0 engine is a booster stage engine designed for model rocket flight and has to be used with a standard engine. This engine is for flights in rockets weighing less than 4 ounces, including the engines. Each package includes 3 engines, 4 starters and 4 plugs.

Also to know, does Mazda make a v8 engine?

The rear-drive, V8-powered Mazda 6 bogans would love. Well, don't get too excited, because Mazda isn't introducing a RWD, V8 version of the 6, but Chinese company OMAS has built one for a customer. Wanting more power, the owner ditched the original 2.0-litre engine for a 2.5-litre unit, before supercharging it.

Which Miata came with Turbo?

Mazdaspeed MX-5 Miata Review - The Only Turbo Miata.

Is the Miata 1.8 an interference engine?

the 1.8L motor in your car is not an interference motor so if it breaks you will only be stranded you wont need a valve replacement but the belt is very easy to replace (if you live in northern va you can bring it to me and i'd gladly replace it for you) the replacement interval for your car is every 60,000 miles hope

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