What happened to the new edition group?

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All six members of New Edition reunited in 1996 to record the group's sixth studio album Home Again. During the ill-fated Home Again Tour, both Bobby Brown and Michael Bivins quit the group, forcing the remainder of the tour to be canceled.

Likewise, who are the members of Bell Biv DeVoe?

Ronnie DeVoe
Michael Bivins
Ricky Bell

One may also ask, how old is Ricky Bell from New Edition?

52 years (September 18, 1967)

Who is the richest New Edition member?

New Edition: $80 Million
  • Ronnie DeVoe: $15 million.
  • Bobby Brown: $2 million.
  • Ricky Bell: $15 million.
  • Ralph Tresvant: $8 million.
  • Michael Bivins: $40 million.

Who was the most successful New Edition member?

Michael Bivins
Also known as Biv, M.B.
Born August 10, 1968 Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Genres New jack swing, R&B, hip hop
Occupation(s) Singer, rapper, manager, producer

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