What country has the most volcanoes?

by Calum Mcminn|03 Dec 2020|Discipline|Geology|419 views

Correspondingly, where are volcanoes found mostly?

Sixty percent of all active volcanoes occur at the boundaries between tectonic plates. Most volcanoes are found along a belt, called the “Ring of Fire” that encircles the Pacific Ocean. Some volcanoes, like those that form the Hawaiian Islands, occur in the interior of plates at areas called “hot spots.”

Subsequently, question is, where is the most volcanic activity on Earth?

Pacific Ring of Fire

Which country has no volcano?


What is the most dangerous volcano in the world today?

According to experts, Italy's Mount Vesuvius is the most dangerous volcano in the world, which is not entirely surprising due to its history. In 79CE an eruption from Vesuvius buried the city of Pompeii, and the Smithsonian has traced a 17,000-year history of explosive eruptions.

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