What can you buy with 1 dollar around the world?

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This Is What $1 USD Gets You In Food All Around The World
  • Hungary — a whole bottle of wine.
  • Hong Kong — one slice of plain bread.
  • Netherlands — 10 pancakes at the supermarket.
  • Norway — one package of instant ramen.
  • India — six cups of chai.
  • Shanghai — 10 vegetable dumplings from a food stand.
  • Australia — a McDonald's slushie.
  • Egypt — one can of tuna.

Also question is, what can you do with $1?

101 things to do with a $1 bill.
  • Save it (sorry, but this is Wisebread).
  • Become a very small partner in a very small business.
  • Mail it to someone, anyone, in the phone book (you'll have to find a stamp).
  • Buy a few bites of someone's pizza slice.
  • Make an expensive paper airplane.

Furthermore, what can you buy with 1 dollar in Mexico?

A US dollar is spendable at most larger border towns. Right now it's about 18.5 pesos to the dollar. You can buy a couple of small soft drinks, 2–3 tacos, a bag of chips medium size, a small coffee, about 1 1/2 tamales, lots of small candy pieces, about one quart (liter) of unleaded gas.

What should I spend $100 on?

If You Had an Extra $100, What Would You Spend It On?
  • Spread It Out.
  • Reward Friends and Family.
  • Invest in Learning and Culture.
  • Spring for Fitness.
  • Go Shopping.
  • Spruce Up the Home.
  • Indulge Yourself.
  • Share the Wealth.

Is $100 a lot of money?

$100 is not a lot of money for two days' wages, but some have to live on that. $100 is not a lot of money for a house, unless you live in a few areas where houses are abandoned. In many places outside the U.S., due to conversion rates, US$100 is really a lot of money.

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