What are players light called now?

by Muhammad Saqib Ali|03 Feb 2021|Health|Smoking Cessation|1.5k views
Player's Filter was renamed Player's Original Flavour, Player's Light was renamed Player's Rich Flavour, and Player's Extra Light was renamed Player's Smooth Flavour.

Just so, what is the difference between JPS and JPS players?

As of 2018, the Player's Navy Cut, Players and John Player Special (JPS) brands are manufactured by Imperial Brands in the UK, whereas John Player Gold Leaf is manufactured by British American Tobacco (in some countries), and ranks as one of the best selling and most popular tobacco products in Pakistan.

Beside above, is JPS gold stronger than blue?

Blue is stronger than gold. The order by colour goes: Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, Menthol. gold might be a little more but smoother .

Are JPS players bright menthol?

As with the Green Filter range, the addition of a white-tipped filter and RSS paper will ensure the product resonates with menthol consumers. JPS Bright features a new, premium Virginia tobacco blend that is less bitter than traditional Virginia blends, designed to suit the taste palates of menthol smokers.

Which cigarette is less harmful?

No. Many smokers chose so-called low-tar, mild, light, or ultralight cigarettes because they thought these cigarettes would expose them to less tar and would be less harmful to their health than regular or full-flavor cigarettes. However, light cigarettes are no safer than regular cigarettes.

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