Should I study in Canada or Australia?

by Matt Fridy|05 Dec 2020|Government|Immigration|359 views
Relatively low cost of study: On the affordability scale, studying in Canada is much more affordable as compared to Australia. The living cost and tuition fee are very much reasonable in Canada. Quality of education: The major reason for going abroad is studying so quality education is a must.

Keeping this in consideration, why Australia is better than other countries for study?

Australia is known for the standard of living it offers. An English-speaking nation, it has a population of about 12.5 million. People from over 190 countries reside there. People of diverse cultures stay in Australia, which makes it very attractive for the students who wish to study there.

Subsequently, question is, is Canada safer than Australia?

According to this web site - World Security Risk, both Australia and Canada have a risk rating of 7. New Zealand and Iceland have a rating of 5, and the USA 11. According to this site - Crime Index by Country 2016 Mid Year, Australia has a crime index of 42 and Canada 39.54.

Is Australia's economy better than Canada?

While Australia's gross domestic product in 2017 was calculated at roughly around USD 1,343.6 billion and obtaining a GDP per capita of USD 54,236. Canada's gross domestic product in 2017 amounted to be around USD 1,627.3 billion with a GDP per capita of around USD 44,412.

Is Australian PR easier than Canada?

yes it is easier to get PR in Canada rather than Australia. It takes less time than Australia in Application processing . If you want to settle in Australia and Canada then this is right time to Apply for Permanent Residency. Skilled Professionals are in great demand.

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