Is William Beck married?

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Hannah Mallatratt

Similarly, it is asked, who plays Dylan in casualty?

William Beck

Also Know, who was Dr read in casualty?

There's a new face on Casualty this evening as actor Victor Oshin joins the cast to play ambitious new foundation doctor Mason Reede. Mason's first shift in the ED sees him revealed as an over-confident wannabe highflier who definitely wants to be going places.

Is Dylan Keogh autistic?

Dylan is a Consultant in emergency medicine and a member of Holby City Hospital's emergency department staff. Dylan is portrayed as being abrupt, sarcastic, rude and uncaring, which has led some viewers to speculate that Dylan has Asperger syndrome.

What happened to Sam in casualty?

During the opening episode of the thirty-third series, broadcast on 11 August 2018, the character was killed off. Sam succumbs to injuries sustained in an explosion, as Iain "desperately" tries to resuscitate her.

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