Is the Prowler a villain?

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Hobie Brown, better known as the Prowler, is a reformed anti-villain from Marvel comics as a foe of Spider-Man.

Thereof, will Donald Glover play the prowler?

Donald Glover Is Playing Aaron Davis AKA Prowler In The MCU
Spider-Man: Homecoming introduced Donald Glover as a small-time crook named Aaron Davis. It's not hard to imagine a scenario in which Davis strikes a deal with the Tinkerer and picks up the MCU version of the traditional Prowler technology.

Similarly, why was Uncle Aaron the prowler?

He takes a getaway jacket that electrocutes anyone near him so as to defend himself from Scorpion's cronies, a jacket that he acquired from the Tinkerer. As such, he fled Scorpion's clutches. As Uncle Aaron, he convinced Miles to meet him and revealed his identity as Prowler.

What are the Prowlers powers?

Powers and abilities
Their arsenal of projectiles include steel darts ("flechettes"), gas pellets, small explosives, magnesium flares and cleaning fluid. Prowler has been known to use hypnotic aids and conventional hand-held weapons.

How did Miles Morales uncle die?

He didn't get the role, but Mr. Bendis was inspired by the effort, so if you think about it, the fans did succeed in making Donald Spider-Man. As for how his uncle died, he ended up killing himself as a result of Miles damaging his glove weapon things, so when he used it, they exploded.

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