Is Bryan Ferry ill?

by Peter Barganski|21 Jan 2021|Game|Skateboarding|1.6k views
Bryan Ferry was admitted to hospital last night (April 5) and, according to reports, is “seriously ill”. The Roxy Music singer was due to make an appearance at an Olympic 2012 event, but pulled out after saying he has been feeling unwell for some time and wanted to undergo hospital examination.

Just so, how much is Bryan Ferry worth?

Bryan has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

Furthermore, where is Bryan Ferry from?

Washington, United Kingdom

Is Bryan Ferry touring in 2020?

We are excited to announce Bryan Ferry will be touring the UK in March 2020. He will be doing 6 shows across Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Leicester and London, including two massive shows at Royal Albert Hall! Tickets for all UK shows are on sale now.

What age is Bryan Ferry?

74 years (September 26, 1945)

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