Is AoV on switch dead?

by Andrew Wiley|15 May 2021|Interest|Video and Computer Games|1.6k views
Arena of Valor on the Switch is dead. The game is dying / dead on Switch because Tencent has abandoned the game on the Switch, so people are not going to play a dead version of a game.

Herein, is Arena of Valor good on switch?

Overall, Arena of Valor is a great MOBA game that should certainly be picked up by those hungry to have one on console. However, you should be aware of its faults, overabundance of microtransactions, and long waiting times before going in, otherwise you may end up disappointed.

Is AoV Dead 2019?

Update: Tencent spokesman denies reports overseas marketing and sales team were disbanded. Update, June 5, 2019: Arena of Valor developer TiMi Studio Group, a subsidiary of Tencent, has denied reports the game was left to "live or die on its own" after a lacklustre performance.

Can AoV switch play with mobile?

This all means Switch players will not be able to battle their friends on mobile devices; they're playing two different versions of the same game. Tencent has created a clear division between the Switch and mobile editions -- it's even established discrete development teams for each one, developers told Engadget.

Is AoV Dead 2020?

AoV is dead? This apparently happened to focus on the mobile version of League of Legends, so when Riot announced the release of Wild Rift for 2020, players already expected this to be AoV's final killing blow. However, Tencent suddenly decided to start all over again.

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