Is Agnes Reynolds a real painter?

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Agnes E. Reynolds Painter. She was born in Scottsburg, Indiana to Walter and Bessie (Clark) Reynolds. She married David Painter June 30, 1929, in Philo, Il.

Thereof, who is Declan Howell based on?

The character, placed in the downtown Manhattan art scene of the 1950s, seems likely to be inspired by abstract expressionist artists of the era, like Jackson Pollock — who gets name-dropped in a story Declan tells about a particular painting of his.

Also, who is the painter in Mrs Maisel?

Rufus Sewell has had a career that spans over three decades in film, television and theater and is now nominated for his first Emmy Award for Best Comedy Guest Actor for playing artist, Declan Howell, on “The Marvelous Mrs.

Who plays Declan Howell on Mrs Maisel?

Rufus Sewell

Is Declan Howell a real artist?

While Declan Howell wasn't a real person, unlike some other characters Midge encounters, he serves as an amalgamation of the male painters like him from that era.

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