How many judges are there in the UK?

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On 31 March 2006 there were 1,825 judges in post in England and Wales, most of whom were circuit judges (626) or district judges (572). Some judges with United Kingdom-wide jurisdiction also sit in England and Wales, particularly Justices of the United Kingdom Supreme Court and members of the tribunals judiciary.

Regarding this, who are the judges of Supreme Court?

List of Judges ordered by seniority
Sr. No. Name Date of appointment
1 Sharad Arvind Bobde 12 April 2013 (7 years, 24 days)
2 N. V. Ramana 17 February 2014 (6 years, 79 days)
3 Arun Kumar Mishra 7 July 2014 (5 years, 304 days)
4 Rohinton Fali Nariman 7 July 2014 (5 years, 304 days)

Who is the most famous judge?

All justices
Justice Position
1 John Jay (1745–1829) Chief Justice
2 John Rutledge (1739–1800) Associate Justice
3 William Cushing (1732–1810) Associate Justice
4 James Wilson (1742–1798) Associate Justice

Who is the highest judge in the UK?

Lord Chief Justice

Who is the youngest judge in the UK?

A barrister in the northwest of England has become the youngest crown court judge in recent history. Richard Archer, 32, is a year junior to the previous youngest part-time recorder, Anna Midgley, who was appointed to the judicial bench in 2016.

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