How long is Gareth Bale's contract?

by Glenn Harmon|08 May 2021|Game|World Soccer|29 views
Bale, who was signed from Tottenham for a world record fee of £85.1m, renewed his contract with the Spanish club in 2016 and has three years remaining on his current deal worth over £350,000-per-week.

Also to know is, what has happened to Gareth Bale?

A significant part of the problem for Bale has been the very thing that has made him such a devastating player: his body. There have been ankle injuries, calf strains, hip problems and more. In total, he has missed over 100 games for Madrid.

How much did Real Madrid pay for Gareth Bale?

15 million EUR (2019)

What nationality is Gareth Bale?


How much is Gareth Bale on a week at Real Madrid?

Bale is said to pocket around £350,000 a week after tax, with the Guardian claiming that once bonuses are accounted for he will earn £150 million over the duration of the deal.

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