How fast does Dodonaea grow?

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Height: 10 - 15 feet. Width: 10 - 15 feet. Growth Rate: 24 to 36 Inches per Year. Leaves Lanceolate to Linear, Medium Green, No Change, Evergreen.

Then, are Hopseed bushes poisonous?

These winged-pods start out green, then with age, turn a creamy color, followed by a red tinge and finally turn brown when dried out. The fruit is toxic because it contains saponin a compound that tastes like soap.

Additionally, how do you prune a Dodonaea viscosa purpurea?

Cut back an informal purple hopseed hedge or specimen plant by pruning its wayward limbs back to side branches or buds that point in the direction you want the new growth to take. If you have no preference, make the cuts so the new branches won't grow toward existing ones.

How fast does purple Hopseed grow?

These drought tolerant shrubs are fast growers to about 10 feet tall and almost as wide. They take full sun to part shade. Once established in the garden (1-2 years) they can survive on rainfall alone.

How tall does purple Hopseed grow?


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