How did Deets die in Lonesome Dove?

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Yeah, he is shockingly killed by a young Indian boy with a spear. Deets dies and goes to be with the moon.

Herein, how old was Bose Ikard when he died?

When former slave Bose Ikard died of the flu at Austin's Seton Infirmary on this date in 1929, his body was shipped back to his home in Weatherford for burial. A brief newspaper obituary just identified him as “one of the old-time negroes of Weatherford” and said his age was suspected to be between 85 and 90 years.

Beside above, where is Bose Ikard buried?

Weatherford, Texas

What did Bose Ikard do?

Bose Ikard (ca. 1840s–1929) was an African American cowboy who participated in the pioneering cattle drives on what became known as the Goodnight–Loving Trail, after the American Civil War and through 1869.

Is Lonesome Dove the best Western ever?

Lonesome Dove is the greatest Western miniseries—no, to hell with the miniseries limitation: it's one of the greatest Western movies ever made. McMurtry and William Wittliff wrote Lonesome Dove's script, and it had the advantage of being taken from one of the three greatest of all Western novels.

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