How can I tell if NVSE is working?

by Maryam Navab|28 Jan 2021|Engineering|Mac Support|4 views
How can I check? - Launch NV, then open the console and type "GetNVSEVersion" (without the quotes). It should print back "NVSE version: 1". If this works, then NVSE is working properly.

Besides, how do I get skse64?

Installation of SKSE64 is very simple, you basically need to copy and paste a few files. First navigate to your download folder and extract the archive to a folder using your Preferred archive software. Open the skse64_2_00_04 folder, and then open the second skse64_2_00_04 folder contained inside to get to the files.

Similarly, is SKSE up to date?

Yes, SKSE is up to date. If you're getting version errors, check your SKSE install or just reinstall it completely by deleting your existing SKSE files and downloading SE build 2.0.

What is skse64?

About This Game
The Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) is a tool used by many Skyrim mods that expands scripting capabilities and adds additional functionality to the game. This is the same version that is hosted on our main website, but should be the most user-friendly to install and update.

How do I use FOMM?

Open FOMM from your desktop shortcut or start menu or the directory you installed it to. Click Package manager and wait for it to open. Use the Add FOMod button to open new window which you can use to browse for compressed archives including .

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