How can I activate Net banking in Punjab and Sind Bank?

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Steps for New User Registration for Internet Banking:
  1. Customer has to click on "Internet Banking Retail User "
  2. Customer has to click < New User link > and then click < New User Registration >
  3. Customer has to enter User Id (Customer ID) and validate PAN Number or Date of Birth.

Likewise, people ask, how can I activate mobile banking in Punjab and Sind Bank?

Launch of IMPS Facility in PSB Mobile Banking Services
  1. (By SMS) 9223815844.
  2. (By SMS) 8828837411.
  3. For Phone Banking Services. (Call) 1800-22-1908.
  4. For Balance Enquiry. (By Missed Call) 7039035156 (Toll Free)

Subsequently, question is, how can I know my customer ID in Punjab and Sind Bank?

To register, you can follow any of the below mentioned ways:
  1. Dial 1800 221 908 (Toll Free Number) or 022-27811200 (chargeable).
  2. Enter your 10-digit Mobile Number, 9 Digit Customer ID, and 14 Digit Account Number to generate 4 Digit TPIN (Tele-banking Personal Identification Number).

What is application password for Punjab and Sind Bank?

We recommend for issuance of a new Application Password/ mPIN/ tPIN/ Web Password as per the request of the customer.

What is a user ID for Bank?

Your user ID is the same number as your 8-digit customer number, which you have received from the bank earlier. You will find it printed on your bank identifier agreement. When you next visit one of our branches, please request an account card (Tiliavain), which you can use to make a note of your user ID.

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