Did Ronsel die at the end of mudbound?

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Jamie's cp-pilot gets shot in the head through the window and dies while Jamie panics but stays alive. Ronsel is in a tank, where his friend is shot and killed.

Keeping this in view, what happens at the end of mudbound?

The Jacksons eventually settle on a farm of their own. A mute Ronsel makes his way back to Europe where he reunites with his girlfriend and son. After watching the relevant scenes, it is clear that Ronsel is still alive: you see his mother care for him, etc..

Likewise, what did they cut off in mudbound?

As Jamie is restrained and in pain, he is told to choose Ronsel's punishment for his crime—to lose his eyes, tongue or testicles—or watch Ronsel be put to death. Through the pain, Jamie whispers "tongue" and Ronsel's tongue is cut out. Ronsel is left bound and wounded for his family to find.

Did Ronsel lose his tongue?

Jamie arrives at the barn and tries unsuccessfully to intervene, but eventually Pappy gives him a choice. He won't kill his friend, but he'll let him choose his friend's punishment: Ronsel can either lose his eyes, his tongue or his balls. (In the novel, Jordan also includes Ronsel's hands.)

Who dies in mudbound?

Ronsel is in a tank, where his friend is shot and killed. Another juxtaposition shows Hap falling from a roof, breaking his leg. Four weeks later, Henry comes to check on Hap, who expects to be back soon, despite how the doctor recommended he take six weeks.

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