Can you use a temporary ID at a bar?

by Chirag Shahani|29 Apr 2021|Health|Substance Abuse|1.4k views
Most bars won't accept it but legally it meets the criteria with a temporary license. I didn't have my license from Nov-March because of the DMV backup issue. You should be fine if you have an old copy of an expired license.

Then, can I buy alcohol with a temporary license Colorado?

The new grayscale temporary license by itself is not valid unless presented with the voided license, just as before. Licensees may refuse to sell alcohol beverages to any person unable to produce adequate, currently valid identification of age.

Likewise, do bars accept temporary IDs Washington?

Drivers license, Instruction permit, or ID card issued by any US State or Territory, the District of Columbia, or any Canadian province. Note: for Washington State ID's this would include Regular and Enhanced. Therefore, the new temporary license by itself is not acceptable to purchase alcohol.

Can I buy alcohol if I just turned 21?

It's illegal for anyone under age 21 to buy, or attempt to buy, any alcoholic beverage.

Is a temporary license a valid form of ID?

The TSA requires a government issued photo ID. Most permanent state drivers licenses, but not all, are acceptable. If ALL you have by way of current ID is a temporary drivers license bring whatever photo ID you may have particularly if it is an expired valid ID, along with the drivers license, with you.

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